Chiropractic has become the 3rd largest health profession in the world after medicine and dentistry. As primary healthcare providers, chiropractors specialise in spinal health. Chiropractic is safe and benefits everyone.


- Relieving back, neck & joint pain.

- Improves joint mobility and health.

- Assists in postural correction and education.

- Release of Myofascial (soft tissue) trigger points caused by stress, incorrect biomechanics, trauma, etc.

- Could assist in relief of headaches and migraines of cervicogenic nature.

About Me

I am Dr. Marneli Coertze, founder of Coertze Chiropractic.

My special interest is quite broad as I have a passion for sport as well as family chiropractic.


I qualified at the University of Johannesburg with my Master's in Chiropractic. Throughout varsity, I have been part of the student sports council and Chirosport. This allowed me to gain experience in multiple sports industries. I also learnt that different sports required different biomechanical demands. Because of this it is important to treat every athlete according to their specific needs.

I was also very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with a lot of babies. Assisting in their development and wellbeing. I found great satisfaction witnessing and learning the beauty of the body's ability to heal itself, and believe me when I say it starts from a very young age. 


Here at Coertze Chiropractic, we focus on achieving joint mobility and optimal biomechanical function, that will allow the body to reach a state of equilibrium faster. By achieving correct biomechanical function, the nervous system is allowed to function at its best, and will result in less pain and discomfort.

Spinal Screenings

Spinal screening is a great way to assess whether you should receive chiropractic treatment or not. It is also a good method used to rule out any underlying neuromusculoskeletal conditions in adults as well as and especially in children. 

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Soft tissue release

Soft tissue release can be done either by using deep tissue massage therapy, Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, Ischaemic compression therapy, Active release therapy, Dry needling or simply by using different stretching techniques. 

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Adjustive therapy

Manipulation of joints using a high velocity, low amplitude thrust. It is important to note that chiropractors do not move the joint passed its physiological barier of resistance. Patients are also very carefully assessed for contraindications to adjusting. It is important that you are not adjusted by anyone, but by a trained professional who knows when NOT to adjust.

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Patient education

Chiropractic treatment equates to 10% of a patient's ability to heal. The remainder 90% is what the patient does after the session. It is vital that the patient is aware of this and is educated correctly about what to do to maintain good posture etc.

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